Sky RC ARES Pro BL Motor 17.5T Spec

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Sky RC ARES Pro BL Motor 17.5T Spec​ - ELC001

Any 17.5t motor is fine for the M3R-16 but we like this one as the sensor wire has an option to mount vertically, rather than horizontally, and it keeps everything very neat and tidy.

ARES Pro BL Motor 17.5T

CNC Machined Billet T6 Aluminum Heatsink Can
High Purity Copper Windings Maximizes Conductivity
High Power Solder Tabs
Removable/Replaceable Rotor
Powerful Sintered Neodymium Magnet
Precision Engineered for Maximum Energy Conversion
Dual Sensor Port
Incorporate Radial Fan in Front End Bell
Adjustable Timing
Compatible with any Sensored/ Sensorless ESC
IFMAR, ROAR Compliance


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