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Steering Servo​ - ELC004

Any standard sized servo will fit in the Anderson headstock. However, a low profile one is neater and leaves more room for the ESC and wiring underneath.

There’s a wide range available and the fastest more powerful steering servo you can afford is the way to go.

CR495 - CORE RC - 9009LP Low Profile Servo 8Kg .09 Sec

Low Profile Servo 8Kg .09 Sec with all metal gears

High performance low profile digital servo with all metal gears, suitable for a wide range of vehicles such as touring cars and 2WD Off Road


Weight - 48g

Speed - 0.09s (6v)

Torque - 8.0 kg/cm

Dimensions - 40.9 x 25.8 x 20.0mm

25T Spline

Includes mounting hardware and various horns.

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