Escort 1:8 Saloon 2mm ABS body shell Kamtec Oval Hot Rod RC £11.99

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1:8 Ford Escort Body Shell

Now made from slightly thinner 2mm ABS plastic hence the lower price 

 Fits a Standard length IC Hot Rod with 305mm wheelbase and 235mm width,

total length 480mm and height 145mm

Made from thick Super High Impact White ABS Plastic.

NOTE : This is an old mould so the body will not be perfect . There are a few dents and lumps which will be on every body . 

Ready to be cut out and painted 

This will not fit a 1:8 Off Road Buggy. If in doubt please check with us.


Made in white ABS platic. Shell dimensions: Height = 145mm, Width at widest arches = 240mm, Total Length = 480mm, Wheelbase = 305mm

Please note you will receive a white ABS Shell ready to be cut and painted.  The black and gold pic is a customers own and the rear arches have been modified.

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