Reliant Regal Van (545) ABS

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Reliant Regal Van ABS bodyshell for Banger Racing ! Superbly remodelled by Kamtec due to popular demand! This shell has been designed to fit a modified Mardave V12 kit which has been adapted to run with 3 wheels! There are a couple of manufacturers of this rolling chassis out there , the most notorious being Martin Pinky Cooper. He can set you up with a chassis , rolling chassis or complete car. They are very easy to make if you have a Mardave V12 to use as a doner. The shell comes in white ABS and is ready to be painted and cut out. The dimensions of the shell are 280mm long x 165mm wide and 105mm high and the wheelbase approx 170mm . This body is designed for use in the very popular 1/12th scale Banger Racing series active in most parts of the country.

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