Transit Smiley Recovery Truck Chassis set Banger Racing Kamtec

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Chassis Set for Smiley Face Transit Recovery Truck body and bed made by Kamtec Models.  

Chassis set ONLY 

Designed specially for this body only . 

Comes as chassis , front mount , rear mount and rear pod . 

Chassis made from Black 3mm GRP  as in pics  .  

Wheelbase is fixed at 327mm 

Designed to not run rear suspension 

Can be used as static or RC . Accepts all Kamtec running gear as in assembled pic .

Mechanical or ESC can be used . Standard Kamtec top plates fit 

You DO NOT receive and wheels , suspension , electrics etc , only what is in pic 2 . 

Decal Set Now Available see irelated products below

Body set available see related products below

Thanks to Paul Raymond for the pics 

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