FLYSKY GT3C 3 Channel SteerWheel Radio Transmitter and Receiver

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Fly Sky GT3C - 3 Channel Radio Transmitter and Receiver set for RC Cars
10 Model Memory 
LCD screen display
High receiving sensitivity
3CH remote control for RC Cars 
Super active and passive anti-jamming capabilities
Very low power consumption and stable performance
Adopts AFHDS (Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System)
Transmitter is powered by a rechargeable 3.7V li-ion battery
It covers the entire band width of the antenna bandwidth range
Works between 2.4GHz to 2.48GHz frequencies, divided into 160 wave bands
Brand: Flysky
Model type: Car and boat
Channels: 3CH
RF range: 2.4-2.48GHz
RF power: <20dBm
Bandwidth: 500KHz
2.4GHz system: AFHDS
Code type: GFSK
Sensitivity: 1024
Low voltage warning: <3.7V
DSC port: USB (output: PPM)
Steering range: 90° L:45° R: 45°
Throttle range: 45° F: 30° B: 15°
Chargeable: Yes
Battery: 3.7V (800mAh)
ANT length: 86.5mm
Display: LCD screen
Colour - Orange 


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FS-GR3E - Receiver to fit FS-GT2B and FS-GT3C FS-GR3E - Receiver to fit FS-GT2B and FS-GT3C
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