NEW Kamtec SATAN Motor 540 20 Turn Brushed Banger Racing Motor

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NEW SATAN MOTOR from Kamtec Modelsport
20 Turn Brushed Motor for Banger Racing.
Fully legal for RC Banger World Series and Independent World Series and these clubs :
Can is engraved for authenticity .
VERY fast Banger Motor which also runs cooler than other types
If it's not marked it's not a genuine SATAN 20 
We have very good stock and reliable supply of Satan 20 motors
If racing at a club please check legality before purchasing
Regis Raceway , Guildford , Havant , Chelmsford , Bournemouth , Hayling , Cantley , Brentwood , Wycombe , Bicester , Surrey , CBCOR , Rat Raceway , WCOR , Fast Food Raceway ,
 Red Rock , North Essex , Jefftec, Westworld , Canterbury , Swindon , Cambridge , MCORC , WORCA , Basildon ,Croydon , Ipswich , SMF , Burton , Force Raceway
Not BRCA legal so please check your club for legality in other formulas other than Bangers
This is a tough motor but if used in competitive racing is not indestructible .  
Overgearing or stalling under full power will burn a motor out . 
Please gear down as far as possible and don't apply power when the car cannot move or is overworking
Physical damage can break a motor so if used in an Oval car you are pushing the limits of any motor .
Please bear this in mind before ordering and if in any doubt please contact us for more info


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