Kamtec 1300 Racing Starter Pack + Free Spares Package

NEW from Kamtec 1300 Stock Car Starter Pack

Included are : 

1300 Winged (ball raced) or Straight  (std) Koonta Chassis 1300 Kit

Please select your preferred chassis from the drop down list.

Flysky OR Pulse ET1060 Radio Control Set Steerwheel Radio set Transmitter / Receiver Combo  

Sky RC e680 80W  8 Amp Charger / Balancer / Discharger

4 Cell 3700 Mah NiMh Racing Battery Pack

FREE Spares package worth £9.75

You will receive a 1300 Stock Car KIT that needs to be built . 

You do NOT get the built car shown

Legal to race in most indoor Oval Clubs across the UK 

This car is designed to run on carpet or very smooth concrete or Tarmac

The Radio set , Charger  and Speedo Control will all need to be set up 

Kit includes servo , K1 Speedo , Ballraces , Wheels n Tyres , K21 Motor , Bodyshell etc and Instructions . 

Kamtec 1300 can be used as a National or Classic  Hot Rod 

Tools needed : Screwdrivers , Allen Keys , Soldering Iron , Stanley Knife , Paint , Nut Drivers Pliers etc 

Some kit building experience is preferable . 

Body requires cutting and mounting to the car . 

Building needs to be at least supervised by an Adult . 

Kit Features:

Racing Wheels and Pink Medium and JAP 46 Tyres ,

ABS Tigra Body , 

Kimbrough Servo Saver , 

Ball Races front and rear , 

Black 2.4mm GRP Chassis , 

TC3 Body Posts , 

 O Ring Battery Retainer , 

 Gripper Track Rods , 

 Slip on Spur Gear , 

Strong Stainless Steel Axle 

Great value Bundle !

Uses all Kamtec parts in the kit


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Powerboy 4.8V 4 cell 4600 MaH 2x2 with Deans Connector also available with Tamiya Connectors

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