IRACE Lap Scoring System RC Cars Brand New. Infra Red complete set

IRACE Lap Scoring System RC Cars Brand New. Infra Red complete set

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I Race Lap Scoring System. Only £299 ! 
This brilliant Race Control system is now the most popular Race Control system in the UK . 
Runs on Infra Red light and is very reliable , robust and extremely well priced.
You receive a Decoder , 5 Receivers  , all Leads , on screen instructions , Software and carry case .
Transponders for the cars are not included but are available separately at £13.99 each .
A Driver Disc is included which includes a copy of Laps Free and BBK Eco. 
The system is compatible with most software.
Included is a 5m cable and USB connector for your PC or Laptop. 
Personal Transponders are very small , see pic 2 . 
Receiver sensors ( pic 3 ) are located on an overhead gantry which you can easily make. 
This will count as many cars as the software will allow , at least 30 in a heat .
Personal Transponders plug into a receiver or Futaba female connector .
Incredibly simple and compact system. 
Receivers are modular and link together along your Gantry .
We are happy to sell any of the components separately
You will need transponders to work with this counting system
Transponders are shown in the photo but they are extra .
Drivers usually buy their own Transponders  but we can include these in the sale for £13.99 each
Now used at many 1:12 Oval race tracks in the UK .
Full technical backup and spare parts are available. 
System is very robust and reliable and there is warranty on parts . 
All parts are available separately . 
Manufactured by Kamtec
Pictures to follow very soon along with much more detail.
Please email me on for more information.
Important - you can buy this system now but it will take between 1 and 2 weeks to despatch . Please contact us BEFORE you buy for up to date info.  
If in any doubt about these details , please contact us.


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