RoStyle Wheel Grey Kamtec

RoStyle Wheel Grey Kamtec

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New From Kamtec: RoStyle Wheels

Silver Wheels for 1:12 Scale Cars, Great for Bangers, Stock Saloon, Mini, Stock Car etc

Set of 4 Silver Wheels known as RoStyle Wheels.

You can buy these trued and glued with your own choice of tyres, see "Trued and Glued Category under Wheels and Tyres"

These are standard non-bearing wheels for the rear or front.

Designed to fit 1/4 drive on rear or standard 4.8mm on front.

Available in Black and Silver, White and Chrome coming soon.


Rostyle wheels are a notable design of automobile wheels of American origin but made under licence[1] by the British firm of Rubery Owen. The Rostyle wheel was especially popular during the 1960s and 70s.

The wheels had a characteristic pressed steel form with raised 'spokes', and were painted aluminium-grey on the spokes and rim and black between the spokes to imitate the open space of true magnesium alloy wheels.

Hand painted RoStyles will be on the site very soon.

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