1 Piece Tarmac Stock Car Wing 1:12 Lexan Mardave Kamtec

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1 Piece Tarmac Stock Car Wing 1:12 Lexan.

.Flat wing similar to a tarmac wing. Designed to fit any 1:12 scale body currently available for 1:12 Stock Cars. 105mm square wing area , BRCA legal wing . Other designs of wing will soon be available. This wing is made from super strong 1mm clear lexan and bent on a strip heater . The example shown has been sprayed red for clarity and has a large fin. The wing we send will be smaller height of 70mm which is BRCA legal . Made from very strong lexan plastic . Has been professionally thermoformed from a single sheet . No cutting out needed - ready to be sprayed and fitted. This sale is for a roof wing only. It needs to be mounted and sprayed. Photos needed!! If you have a painted body that you think we could feature please photograph and email it to us.If we use your pic you will get a free body similar to the one you painted!

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