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Head on Mag Issue 2

On sale now a new 48 page A4 glossy magazine dedicated to the RC small oval scene HOM 2 what to expect - Chesham / Burton and Regis club articles / model articles in the diecast world and from the best in the stock car world / 

Slotstox / news for the USA / we interview Maverick and Alfie Painter / an epic lorry build /

 For the first time we cover the massive online oval scene / Alloy civil war / the KCO Shootout / Brentwood on the road /

 An epic interview with the king of replicas in the alloy world Zac Mallows / in the hot rod space there is an article on the legend 306 /
Rolling Start is back / Tips and tricks /

 Europe scene and lots more .. don’t miss out help us help the sport for the price of an abs shell

Issue 1 still on sale , only £5.50 .  Buy both and save on postage

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