RC Banger Racing Motor Pod

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NEW from Kamtec , Banger Racing Motor Pod  .

Designed to fit onto a recent Kamtec Banger Banger Chassis. 

Will not fit Large It , Mardave or older ( 6 months plus ) Kamtec Chassis .

Single piece moulding replaces all 3 parts of conventional pods 

Base pivot plate is integral 

Legal for the National Banger Racing series RCBWS ! 

Universal design means motor can mount either side.

Look out for our Combo deal for Chassis , Top Plate and new Pod . See advert 

Utilizes the excellent Schumacher Mi5 ball joint (  not included )

Will accept most 540 motors ie G2 , Saturn , Clash etc 

Pod set is available separately ( £4.99 ) but you only needs the peripherals once 

This does not use a  conventional Pivot ball. 

You need recent Kamtec Chassis for this Pod and you will need to change the spacer set up at rear of top plate 

This pod will fit directly to a recent Kamtec Banger , 1300 , 2 L , or F2 Chassis 

If in doubt check that your chassis has a hole 60mm forwards of the guide pin hole 

See pic 4 . Your chassis should have the extra hole 11mm in front of normal pivot ball hole

All Kamtec Chassis now carry the new hole needed to fit this pod. 

Chassis' are on sale now 

If in ANY DOUBT , please contact us 

This is a Kamtec product 

You receive 1 plastic moulding only as in pic 1

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Delivery weight: 0.1 kg
Delivery weight: 0.1 kg
Delivery weight: 0.1 kg
Delivery weight: 0.1 kg
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