1300 Saloon Stock Car rolling Koonta Chassis

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Kamtec 1300 Koonta Stock Car straight chassis version

Rolling Chassis , no electrics

World Final winning pedigree 1300

As used by Kieran Koonta Briddock who helped in the design

Black 2.4mm GRP straight Koonta design chassis, K1 Electronic Speedo and 21 Turn motor .

Kamtec one piece Pod , Rear Ball Raced rear Axle only .

Legal at all UK clubs.

Full electrics version available

Winged Chassis version also on sale

Kamtec 1300 Bumpers , Hot Rod body mounts ,

Racing tyres Pink Medium and JAP 46 Kimbrough Servo Saver .

Fully countersunk .

Built at Kamtec to a high standard .

1300 Bodyshell included.

No mardave parts used but will fit

Needed to Race - Motor , speedo , servo , Battery Pack, Radio Handset and Battery. Coming soon in Kit Version.