K10 Speedo S Disc Futaba Manual speed controller

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S Disc for K10 Manual Speed Controllers

Moulded Plastic design contact disc for Futaba Servo

Comes complete with wires and servo horn to fit Futaba servo.

Featuring a sprung GRP S Disc with copper contacts that can swivel as the disc rotates .

Brilliant for Bangers , Saloons , 1300 Stock Car etc that use a Mech. speedo

This S Disc will ONLY FIT a FUTABA Servo

Note: A Standard Kamtec car uses a Futabe servo , Large It car uses an Emax

See other advert for Emax version

This disc needs to be used on a Kamtec K10 Speedo and will need to be soldered to your motor.

Some of the pics show the GRP S Disc

Already used and endorsed by many top RC Banger Drivers

Wired Disc only , needs to be used with a compatible top plate and Futaba servo

Attach this disc with the copper contacts lined up across the car as in the pic.

If in any doubt please ask , this is not a complete speedo .

You will receive 1 Speed Disc as shown in picture .

Soldered and wired up boards as well as complete Speedos are available

You can spread the postage over many Kamtec items purchased on the same day .