Large Caravan KIT SET for Banger Racing

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Large Caravan kit for Banger Racing , only £27.99

Includes Body , Chassis , 1 Axle , 2 spacers , Tow Hitch and wheels and tyres

Everything you need to build a caravan for 1:12 Scale Banger Racing .

This is a kit and needs cutting out , fixing together and painting .

Wheels and tyres will be picked at random from the Kamtec range

Tools needed , Stanley knife , scissors , glue ( or double sided tape ) and paint .

You will need some modelling skills and experience .

Not a children's toy and needs adult supervision at the very least .

If purchased separately comes to £34.99

This Caravan is NOT cut out , assembled or painted .

This caravan is designed as a single axle but can be used as a Twin Wheel Caravan , see pics

If you want a Twin Axle Caravan you'll need to buy another axles , spacers and wheels

There is a smaller Caravan available , see other adverts

All can be supplied by Kamtec in our ebay shop .

Note: The picture shows a built Caravan with twin wheels

Predrilled for the axle. No bearings needed but you can drill out for them if you prefer.

Just cut out the windows and screw it together.

All you need to do then is paint it

Kamtec Caravan made from 2mm ABS white plastic.

You will receive an unpainted ABS Body and Chassis which will need cutting , fixing together , axles and wheels added and painting.

This shell and Chassis has been designed to be used with a Kamtec 1:12 kit but it should be OK with any 1/12 scale car.

The parts come in white ABS and are not painted or cut out. The dimensions of the caravan are 450mm long x 160mm wide and 140mm high.

This body is designed for use in the very popular 1/12th scale Banger Racing series active in most parts of the country.

All can be supplied by Kamtec in our ebay shop .

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