Rover P5 Hearse ABS 599


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Rover P5 Hearse ABS Bodyshell part number part number 599

Rover P5 Hearse for Banger Racing

Fits a standard Kamtec Banger 204mm wheelbase but this is a big body. Lots of rear overhang.

This shell has been designed to fit a Kamtec Banger kit .

The shell comes in white ABS and is ready to be painted and cut out.

The dimensions of the shell are 370mm long x 165mm wide and 105mm high and the wheelbase is 204mm . This body is designed for use in the very popular 1/12th scale Banger Racing series active in most parts of the country. If you have not seen this excellent form of racing please email us or look on BRCA website for clubs .

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