1300 Saloon Stock Car Fully Built Winged Chassis

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Kamtec 1300 Stock Car Winged Chassis Version

Race winning pedigree 1300

1300 features a Black 2.4mm GRP Winged chassis,

K1 Electronic Speedo , 21 Turn motor , Kamtec one piece Pod

Rear Ball Raced rear and front Axles .

Not legal at all UK clubs. Please check .

Straight Koonta Chassis version also on sale

Kamtec 1300 Bumpers , Hot Rod body mounts , Racing tyres Glued n Trued, Pink Medium and Jap 48 Kimbrough Servo Saver . Fully countersunk . Built at Kamtec to a high standard . Tigra Bodyshell included. No mardave parts in this car but they all fit Needed to Race - Battery Pack, Radio Handset and Battery. Coming soon in Kit Version.

Accepts all standard running gear Kamtec or Mardave

Legal everywhere except Brentwood and Chelmsford .

If you race at these clubs look at our straight Chassis in other adverts