Banger, Hot Hatch , Mini Racer Motor Pod

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Motor Pod .

Designed to fit a Kamtec 1300 , Hot Rod , Mini Racer , Hot Hatch , Stock Car or Banger Chassis.

Single piece moulding replaces all 3 parts of other pods

Base pivot plate is integral

Universal design means motor can mount either side.

Utilizes the excellent Schumacher Mi5 ball joint ( not included )

You will receive all parts that are in pic 1

will accept most 540 motors ie Satan , K21 etc

Pod set is available separately ( £5.99 )

You do not need to buy a conventional Pivot ball.

This pod will fit directly to a recent Kamtec Banger , 1300 , 2 L , Hot Rod or F2 Chassis

If in doubt check that your chassis has a hole 60mm forwards of the guide pin hole

See pic 4 .

If in ANY DOUBT , please contact us

This is a Kamtec product

You receive 1 plastic moulding , bolts ball joint , O rings and washers .

If in ANY DOUBT , please contact us

This is a Kamtec product

You receive 1 plastic moulding only as in pic 1

POD SETUP GUIDE by Ben Aktinson

At the rear of the pod is the guide pin in the middle. Make sure this is tight, there should be no movement in it whatsoever. There is a rubber o ring that fits around the guide pin under the cover held on by 2 dome head bolts. Over time the o ring will wear, the dome head bolts don’t need to be super tight, as the o ring wears tighten the 2 bolts a little bit to compress the o ring and tighten it back up around the guide pin. 0 Ring should be replaced when they no longer stop sideways movement after tightening At the front of the pod, difficult to get to on a banger there is another bolt holding the pod in. Slacken the nut of on top all the way. Now tighten the bolt (but not the nut) from underneath the car. Under the nut is a ball and cup which acts a pivot. If the nut is tight the ball won’t pivot. Tighten the nut back down until it is barely touching. Go to the back of the pod and you will see 2 springs. Check the bolts through the middle are tight to the chassis, (long nose pliers between the pod and chassis then tighten from underneath) Then slacken the springs right off. Tighten the nuts down until they compress the spring a tiny bit. Your pod should now be nice and free. Pivot nicely, You are looking for a free pod with as little side to side movement as possible,This is a good starting point .

Virtually all cars I get asked to look at are too stiff on the rear, be it springs or pivot overtightend.