Banger Racing Kit Standard Wheelbase Car

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All New SWB Banger Kit Manufactured by Kamtec

At last everything you need for a complete Top Spec SWB Kamtec Banger in Kit Form

This excellent RC Banger Racing Car has been built to a high specification for Banger Racing .

Comes with the newest Kamtec 3mm Counter Sunk Chassis, made of very strong Aluminium Alloy. The latest version of the Kamtec K10 Speedo with New Simply designed but super efficient Kamtec 'S' Disc and fitted with a Servo, K21 Motor, 14 Tooth Wide Pinion and Flanged Ball Bearings

Supplied with your choice of wheels glued and trued with Pink Medium rear tyres and Jap 46 fronts. These tyres are what we recommend as a brilliant set up but you can choose your tyres from the Kamtec range. Black GRP Kingpin Strut Brace is fitted. This car comes with a Std Wheel Base banger body shell of your choice

Click This Link for RCKicks excellent review on You Tube

Click This Link for SWB Banger Build You Tube Video

Click below for full comprehensive build instructions.

Banger Build Instructions

Also Includes Kamtec Stickers and a shell of your choice.

Everything you get with this car can be purchased separately from Kamtec .

All Kamtec Parts in this car. As good as it gets for Banger Racing ! LWB Long Wheelbase Kit available , see other adverts

To be Ready To Race you would need a Battery Pack, Radio Handset, Battery Charger and a Personal Transponder (If you want to lap count).

Can be purchased as a ready to race deal or with any other specification you may need.

For any more info on it feel free to contact us.

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