Extra Long Limo Banger Built Featuring New Top Plate

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Fully built Kamtec RC Banger car with New Top Plate Design

Extra Long XL Wheelbase 295mm to accept the XL range of bodies , see adverts

Comes fully built including ABS body shell , servos , speedo , motor and wheels and tyres .

New Top Loaded battery design using a latch retainer

In line forward located battery for better weight distribution .

Receiver guard

Body Shell will be random and needs cutting out , painting and mounting

Car will have tyres glued and trued onto the rims

Top Plate fits our existing XL Chassis and can be bought separately

Tested by Kieran Koonta Briddock and Dave Hog Andrews who said it was a brilliantly balanced car

All you need to add is battery and receiver to go RC Banger Racing .

Designed to race in the indoor Oval Racing Series in UK and Europe

Available in Standard , Long and XL ( extra long ) Wheelbases

Soon will be available as a kit

Fully legal for BWS and IWS

Check out our products on RCKicks on YouTube

Features 3mm Alloy Chassis , K21 Motor , 2 Servos , 2 speed mechanical Speedo ,

Needed to go racing : 4 cell Battery , Radio Set and Charger , all available from Kamtec

NO upgrades needed

Designed to utilise all Kamtec commercially available parts

Spec may change so please check with us if in any doubt

This is a Kamtec product