F10 Banger Front Body Mount

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F10 Adjustable Banger Racing FRONT body mount .

Designed to fit on a Banger Chassis and mount through the bonnet .

Suitable for nearly all Banger bodies available.

Very strong and easy to fit .

Both posts are pre drilled for R Clips.

M3 and M4 Bolts are supplied as in pictures .

Very strong mount , 10mm shorter than a B10

We recommend using big plastic washers between mount and body shell .

B10 rear version also available

Can be used on the rear of a Banger , Saloon or 1300 instead of a B10 .

Fits directly to a Kamtec Chassis .

Similar dimensions to existing B10 Style body mounts so fully compatible

This is a Kamtec product

You receive 3 plastic mouldings , bolts and washers .