Ford Sierra Sapphire Saloon Stock ABS 719

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Sierra Sapphire Saloon Stock Bodyshell

Sierra Sapphire Saloon Stock Bodyshell for the popular V12 Saloon Stock racing formula! Superbly remodelled by Kamtec due to popular demand ! New details added are iron around the front arches and across rear wheels. Overall shape has been tweaked for a more realistic and aggressive stance. Body is modelled around a Mardave V12 kit with the new Kamtec front and rear bumpers. Can equally well be used on other saloon cars with a 200mm - 210mm wheelbase. Kits and bumpers are on sale from Kamtec. This shell has been designed to fit a Mardave V12 kit but it should fit most 1/12th scale kits including short version Tamiya M Chassis. The shell comes in white ABS and ready to be cut out and painted . The dimensions of the shell are 330mm long x 165mm wide and 105mm high and the wheelbase is 204mm . This body is designed for use in the very popular 1/12th scale Saloon Stock series active in most parts of the country. If you have not seen this excellent form of racing please email us or look on BRCA website for clubs.