K1 Speed Controller Kamtec RC ESC Oval

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ESC Speed Controller known as K1.

Legal for 1300 Stock Cars as it is within the price limit .

New Speedo made by Mtronics to Kamtec specifications.

The Kamtec K1 is exclusive to us and designed for Oval use .

Works great in a 6 cell brushed saloon , 1300 4 cell Saloon , Banger , Rookies etc.

Very punchy and with full speed instant reverse .

No switch to worry about or cut off.

Ready to go at only £34.99

New set up procedure

The new version K1 does not automatically go into set up mode .

If it's not flashing when plugged in then it's the new type .

To set it up push and hold the set up button whilst plugging in .

The green light will illuminate so give it full forwards .

Red light will illuminate so give full reverse . Speedo is set .


These electronic speed controllers are not indestructible and can fail electronically or mechanically with

hard use or abuse.

Every K1 is tested and working when it leaves Kamtec

If you are unhappy with your K1 please return it to the Manufacturers ,

Mtroniks Ltd. 41A Ilkley Road, Otley, West Yorkshire, LS21 3LP, UK

Please include a note stating the problem , your contact details and who supplied the K1

Setting Up The K1 ESC speedo will need setting up before use .

Solder a motor ( 20 Turn or higher ) to the ESC. It's usually trial and error at this stage so be prepared to resolder the opposite way .

Turn on your Transmitter with Throttle Trim set at neutral .

Plug in the ESC and whilst it flashes green/red push the button once .

The ESC will light green only .

Operate full Throttle on the Transmitter then return to neutral.

The ESC will light in Red only . Operate full Reverse and return to neutral.

The ESC is now fully set up . Test the car by pushing forwards on the Throttle .

The ESC will light in Green when full Throttle. Try reverse and the ESC will go Red when full Reverse .

If all this works but the car is going backwards then you must either resolder the Motor the opposite way or refit the motor the other side of the pod ( not always possible )

Do not reverse the Throttle on the Transmitter instead as the ESC will not work properly with a Red light for forwards .

There are a few transmitter sets that will allow the ESC to go past 100% after setting up.

If you find that the ESC will cut out on full Trottle where full forwards goes beyond the green light then you may need to back off the Throttle in Transmitter settings until 100% gives the Green light .

This happens on the digital FlySky Transmitters .
Hope this makes sense .