K21 Motor BRCA legal 540 21 Turn 4 slot Brushed Motor

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Kamtec K21 Motor BRCA legal 540 21 Turn 4 slot Motor

K21 MOTOR from Kamtec Modelsport Fully BRCA endorsed and legal for All UK Oval Racing .

Brushed 4 slot 540 size motor legal for 2Litre Saloons , 1300 Stock Cars , F2 Stock Cars , Brushed Hot Rods , Ministox etc

Stamped on the motor is KAMTEC 21 . Look for a long number and the centre part must read 7521ASF

75 stands for wire thickness and 21 is turns .

This number is a legal requirement and will identify this motor to scrutineers .

The sticker is irrelevant as it can be removed but the etching cannot.

K21 has been fully tested and passed by the BRCA for build quality , turns and wire thickness .

Please study the pics . Numbers are not always easy to see quickly but this motor can quickly be identified at a glance as it has 4 air slots rather than the 2 of most other motors .

Any queries please contact me at Kamtec

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We have very good stock and reliable supply of K21 motors If racing at a club please check legality before purchasing

These ARE BRCA legal If you want a non BRCA Motor please check out our Satan 20

This is a tough motor but if used in competitive racing is not indestructible . Overgearing or stalling under full power will burn a motor out . Please gear down as far as possible and don't apply power when the car cannot move or is overworking Physical damage can break a motor so if used in an Oval car you are pushing the limits of any motor . Please bear this in mind before ordering and if in any doubt please contact us for more info