Micrastock RC Banger Racing Built Car Micra Stox

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Micrastock RC Banger Racing Built Car Kamtec Micra Stox £129.99

Micrastock fully built Oval racing car.

Comes built including ABS Micra body shell , servos , speedo , motor and wheels and tyres .

All you need to add is battery and receiver to go Micrastock racing .

Fully legal as a 1300 Stock Car .

Can be used as a Micrastock , Banger ( by removing bumpers ) or 1300 Stock Car .

Bumpers are different to our 1300 bumpers

Features , Mechanical speedo , Futaba Servos , 540 Motor , Alloy Chassis , Bumpers etc

Rear axle is ballraced .

Accepts a 4 cell Battery

Designed to utilise all Kamtec commercially available parts

This is a Kamtec product