SATAN Motor 540 20 Turn Brushed Banger Racing Motor

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SATAN MOTOR from Kamtec Modelsport

The best and fastest RC Banger motor available

20 Turn Brushed Motor

Fully legal for RC Banger World Series and Independent World Series and these all UK Banger clubs

Can is engraved for authenticity .

VERY fast Banger Motor which also runs cooler than other types

If it's not marked it's not a genuine SATAN 20

See pic 1 . It should read ' KAMTEC SATAN H-489 'on the can .

Legal for Regis Raceway , Guildford , Hayling , Chelmsford , Bournemouth , Skittles , Cantley , Brentwood , Wycombe , Bicester , Surrey , Kent Carpet Oval , Rat Raceway , MCOR , Fast Food Raceway , Red Rock , North Essex , Westworld , Canterbury , MKRC , Walsall , Blackpool , Swindon , Cambridge , MCORC , WORCA , Basildon , Croydon , Ipswich , SMF , Burton ,

Not BRCA legal so please check your club for legality in other formulas other than Bangers

This is a tough motor but if used in competitive racing is not indestructible .

Overgearing or stalling under full power will burn a motor out .

Please gear down as far as possible and don't apply power when the car cannot move or is overworking Physical damage can break a motor so if used in an Oval car you are pushing the limits of any motor .

Please bear this in mind before ordering and if in any doubt please contact us for more info